hero sapa rice terraces hero sapa rice terraces

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Trekking In Northern Vietnam

Northern Vietnam is still relatively wild and attracts the adventurer wishing to see spectacular landscapes, native peoples and traditional ways of life. Trekking in Northern Vietnam is an amazing experience. A private tour is the perfect way to see Northern Vietnam with a small group of friends. This is by far the most popular type of visitor we have. We do also cater for families, couples and solo travellers too, we love all our guests equally!

With a trekking guide you get to meet many interesting locals, trek along the best paths in the region, and share in some of the local culture. Not only that but your guide is countryside born and raised so knows lots about nature, farming and the countryside in general, so there will be plenty of stories to hear about life in these remote parts. Oh yes and your guide organises everything for you from the homestay accommodation, food, organising transport and official paperwork etc. These costs are all included as well so where indicated on the itinerary for breakfast, lunch, dinner, water, private driver, hotel, homestay accommodation, English speaking tour guide, entrance fees to national parks, monuments, etc is included. Quite the bargain.

A general level of fitness is required to really get the best out of the trekking adventures. Treks are usually 5-7 hours of walking per day. If you would rather take it a little easier on the KM’s trekked, please contact us and we will discuss changes to meet your requirements. Remember these are private tours so we can tailor to your needs.

New website updates

We have added lots of information to help you with creating your tour and to make things clearer about what to expect. Each tour now has a detailed itinerary as well as information about each of the destinations, sights and treks.

*Most of the photos on this site are taken me on my old camera phone and other even older camera phone. The quality might not be the best, but what you see in the photos is what you can see on tour with us. Now then, lets trek together!

tr zen sa tr zen sa

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Booking with us

We are Ying and Sa, tour guides from one of Northern Vietnam’s indigenous tribes - Black Hmong. We have been guides in Northern Vietnam for many years, educating tourists with our local tribal knowledge and of our culture & lands.

By booking with us, you are directly supporting 2 women, our families and the local people who’s homestay’s we visit. Eco tourism gives us an opportunity to better our lives. To hear more about our story listen to the podcast interview I did recently.

Just lastly I would like to say thank you to all our previous customers who have recommend us to friends and family. You guys rock and we would just like to say thank you once again for being so amazing.

Thank you so much, Ying & Sa x

Tour Destinations

3-6 days

ha giang terrace trekking ha giang terrace trekking

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Tour - Ha Giang

Right now this is the hot destination for the adventurer. With impressive mountain ranges, the view from the high up Ma Pi Leng Pass is stunning. We visit many of the tiny remote ethnic communities. The Skypath is the most infamous trek and we of course have that on all the itineraries.
Go ha-giang

1-3 days

hero sapa rice terraces alt hero sapa rice terraces alt

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Tour - Sapa

Our tours start in the Ta Van area or in Sapa town centre. Ta Van is further down in the Muong Hoa Valley. The trekking is rugged - the best Vietnam has to offer. We trek from village to village, through the forests & along the rice terraces - it feels more like an adventure.
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city tour

hanoi hcmm hanoi hcmm

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Tour - Hanoi

A modern city with a rich history. A trip to the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum to see the father of modern day Vietnam, even his traditional stilts house and the One Pillar Pagoda. and so is the 1000 year old Temple of Literature.
Go hanoi

7+ days

cao bang ban gioc distance cao bang ban gioc distance

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Tour - Grand Tours

These are longer multi-destination tours and our crown jewels. The spectacular Ban Gioc waterfalls and Ba Be Lake are must sees plus many more.
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News & Events

Website updates and social media

Keep up to date by checking our facebook & instagram pages. There are a few cultural events during the year worth noting and we now have that in an events page. From tet - which is nationally observed to local flower festivals, we try to cover the main ones. There is also more information about who we are, our tribes and the other tribes we mix with in Northern Vietnam. Please bare with us as we make these upgrades and add more information as I am not an HTML programmer and paying other people to do it is out of our budget.

Destination list update - moving!

I have now moved to Sapa permanently! Before when I was located in Hanoi, it was possible to do tours in Ninh Binh and Mai Chau. Now this no longer makes sense especially with the amount of time travelling. If you are still interested in these destinations - you can still contact me. We are instead moving to offer more complete packages with Sapa including transportation from Hanoi as well as new tours with less driving in Ha Giang. We do still have a Dragon Mountain Family sister in Hanoi to do the Hanoi tours.

Special bespoke tours just for you

We have a special bespoke tour service to help you plan your dream tour. Let us know what sights you wish to see, what treks you want to do & which destinations you wish to visit, we can come up with a great tour plan just for you. We have in the past provided tours with multiple locations like Halong Bay to Ha Giang and finishing in Sapa - lasting up to 30 days as well as for groups that were up to 60 people.

Tour memories

A few of our tour customers and locals have allowed us to share some memories of previous tours below. Thank you for trekking with us. We hope to see you all again one day. Here are a few of our favourites:

ha giang crowd of children ha giang crowd of children

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Friendly faces at the Tham Ma Pass, where the road famously snakes down the mountain.
ninh binh memories ninh binh memories

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Travelling around the Bái Đính Temple Complex, Ninh Binh in one of the electric shuttle minibuses
sapa weaving workshop sapa weaving workshop

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Zay woman giving a demonstration of weaving hemp the traditional way in Ta Van
ha giang girls sunset ha giang girls sunset

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Some friends are enjoying the Ha Giang landscape as the sun prepares to set
sapa rice harvest sapa rice harvest

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My family busy threshing the rice by hand at harvest time in Ta Van. We have one rice crop per year
sapa bac ha market ladies sapa bac ha market ladies

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Ladies from the Red Zao & Black Hmong tribe's on the way to Bac Ha market